Land North of Mosley Common

Welcome to our Community Consultation


Welcome to our community consultation website for Peel L&P’s proposals to deliver a new community in Wigan with a mix of homes, including affordable housing, parklands, a Community and Travel Hub and a new Busway stop.

In September, Wigan Council approved the Masterplan Document for Land North of Mosley Common. Peel L&P is now ready to consult on our plans for Twire at Mosley Common, the first phase of the development. The plans will include 228 new homes, including affordable housing, delivered by Northstone. You can learn about these plans here.

We will also be submitting applications to cover the wider area allocated for housing in the Places for Everyone plan. The masterplan will be delivered through the submission of two planning applications which are to be submitted at the same time. These will comprise of a hybrid planning application covering the north of the site (i.e., detailed for Phase One, outline for the remainder of the northern site); and an outline planning application covering the southern part of the site. The extent of these planning applications can be viewed here

The planning applications will be consistent with the emerging Places for Everyone policy relating to the site. The proposals will include a range of homes suitable for first time buyers, growing families and down-sizers.  25% of the new homes will be affordable to cater for local needs.

Our wider vision for the Land North of Mosley Common is an opportunity to create a truly balanced community, which is socially inclusive and provides for people at all stages of their lives. The homes will be set in network of greenspaces with access to new parklands. Additionally, with the local transport connections, the site will have unrivalled connectivity, making it a great place to live, work and play. A development of this scale represents around £155 million investment in the borough, creating hundreds of new jobs.

We are committed to listening. We want to hear your views. Please take the time to read through the information available on this website and let us know your comments. All feedback will be reviewed in detail and will help inform the planning applications.

Register for our Webinar

As part of the consultation process, we are hosting two webinars. These are online events where the project team will talk you through our plans and then answer any questions you might have.

We have two webinars scheduled from 1pm to 2pm on Monday 7th November and 6pm until 7pm on Thursday 10th November.

You can register for the webinars by clicking on your preferred date below:

Monday 7th November – 1pm to 2pm

Thursday 10th November – 6pm to 7pm

Public Exhibition

We are also hosting a public exhibition of our proposals. You can learn more about the plans and speak to members of the project team at the event.

It will be held at St John’s Church, Mosley Common Road, M28 1AN, on Wednesday 16th November between 3pm and 8pm. Please note, owing to the expected number of people attending, a queuing system may be in operation.

Our Vision

The site will deliver a new high quality residential community and a logical extension to Tyldesley. It will provide much-needed new homes for all stages of life set within an extensive multi-functional parkland.

Nature Recovery and Enhancement of the Natural Assets

The development will preserve nature whilst creating green spaces for both existing and new communities to enjoy. The vision is based on a detailed understanding of the existing landscape, drainage and topography. It ensures that ecology, access and surface water management work together to create quality green spaces.  

Multi-Modal Sustainable Movement

The proposals will deliver a new Busway Stop and Travel Hub at the heart of the site along with a network of Active Travel Routes. This will ensure the community maximise the use of public transport, as well as promoting sustainable, safe walking and cycling opportunities for residents.

Connected Communities

The entire development will be within walking distance of a Community and Travel Hub, and Guided Busway stop providing connections across Wigan and Greater Manchester. It will be a meeting point where communities can gather and socialise as well as commute.

A Rich Mix of Neighbourhood Types

A series of neighbourhoods with individual character will provide a wide range of new homes to meet the needs of the whole of the community for all stages of life.

A Hamlet at the Heart of Mosley Woods

Low density, high quality housing in a parkland setting will create a unique character at the heart of the development.

Arrival in Nature

A welcoming green space will greet bus users as they disembark at Mosley Woods, inviting people to explore the environment.

Landscape Vision

The vision for the development is underpinned by a comprehensive landscape scheme. The existing network of woodlands and watercourses will be used to create a diverse, generous parkland destination as the focal point to the new community. This large parkland will have variety throughout, responding to the natural characteristics of the site, to create an area rich in wildlife and recreation opportunities to benefit new and existing residents.

The landscape vision is guided by the following design principles:

Destination Parkland

  • The site provides the unique opportunity to create a range of diverse, connected, public green spaces.
  • Mosley Mosslands will be a wetland park destination with a landscape that changes throughout the seasons.
  • Honksford Meadows will include play, recreation opportunities and ecological enhancements.
  • Mosley Woods will improve the surrounding wooded landscape.


Sensitive Edges

  • The development will respect surrounding settlements, retaining important views and respecting neighbours’ boundaries. Integrating existing public rights of way into the masterplan and incorporating strong planting will connect the development to its surroundings.

Ecological Enhancements

  • Honksford Brook is a key ecological area that will be protected and so development will be set back from the brook.
  • We will enhance the woodlands through provision of additional woodland planting, to connect habitats on site to the adjacent woodlands to the east.


Integration of a multi-functional network of public open space

  • In addition to the larger parkland destination, a series of smaller parks will be located throughout the development to provide high quality, useable green spaces on resident’s doorsteps. These parks will help to create space for a variety of play and recreation facilities. This will include informal open spaces along with formal facilities with play equipment for children of different ages. This will include at least 4 play areas. 

The design will retain the best of the site’s existing features, landscape character and local context. It responds to the issues of ecology, access, landscape and drainage, to create a multi-functional landscape of benefit to the existing and new communities.

We Are Listening

In addition to the current consultation, members of the local community have been asked for their views on this site a number of times in recent years. The timeline below shows the various consultations which have taken place and also shows that the community will continue to have opportunities to shape plans after this consultation.

During the masterplan consultation, a number of points were raised and we wanted to assure the local community that these have been considered. We have listened to what you have said and taken these points on board. Below are the key points raised with us and an explanation of how our proposals look to address these concerns.

Housing Need

Wigan Borough’s Housing Strategy demonstrates that the Borough needs over 1,000 new homes every year for the next 15 years to meet demand. Wigan Council have identified that there isn’t enough previously developed land (brownfield sites) to accommodate the new homes needed in the plan period. The result of having too few houses is simple: more and more people who grew up in Mosley Common, Tyldesley and the wider Wigan Borough will be forced to move out of the area they call home or else stay in rented accommodation with no hope of home ownership. If there aren’t enough houses, people will have to move away from their support networks, close family and friends. This doesn’t mean, however, that we should just build new homes anywhere on any land. The need for homes is severe but development has to be sustainable. The Land North of Mosley Common has been identified as a suitable location for sustainable development. Rigorous analysis undertaken for the Places for Everyone process has shown that new homes can be delivered here for the benefit of the wider community and there are no better locations in the Borough to meet this need.

School Places

When moving to a new home, people want to be confident that local services can support them. People already living in the area also want to be reassured about any potential impacts and that services will not exceed capacity. That is why we are in discussions with the Council and key stakeholders to contribute to local services as part of the planning process. Peel L&P is investing in St John's C of E Primary School to double its size, to create more local primary school places. In the consultation relating to the masterplan, a number of people questioned why a secondary school is not being built. A development of this size would not sustain a new secondary school, especially when Council figures show that there is already a surplus of secondary school places in the local area. However, we will be providing a financial contribution to the Local Education Authority to fund additional secondary school places in nearby schools to ensure there are sufficient places for local children.


As part of the planning process, Peel L&P will submit a Transport Assessment that will be reviewed by the Council and which will provide details of the development traffic generation and where this impact needs to be mitigated. In addition to the provision of a new centrally-located Busway Stop and Travel Hub, the masterplan will deliver a number of highway improvement schemes to address the impacts of the development. In order to distribute traffic efficiently, the masterplan provides four access connections onto the highway network.

More information on transport and highways can be found here.

Our Proposals

We are seeking views and input from the community on the next stage of our proposals for land North of Mosley Common. These comprise the detailed proposals for Phase One being delivered by Peel L&P’s housebuilding arm, Northstone, and the outline elements of the remaining phases of the masterplan area.

Delivering the Masterplan Vision

Wigan Council recently approved the Masterplan Document for the site, developed following extensive community consultation earlier this year.

In accordance with the Masterplan Document, our proposals will deliver:

  • 1,050 new homes. This is the total number of homes for the entire Masterplan site excluding a triangle of land off Silk Mill Street which is outside of Peel L&P’s control. The number is inclusive of the 228 new homes being brought forward as part of Phase One (see below for more information)
  • A new Community and Travel Hub at the heart of the site for community use and other local amenities
  • A new bus stop on the Guided Bus Way to improve public transport links as well as additional infrastructure to promote active travel, including cycling and pedestrian routes
  • An extensive parkland through the centre of the community including sports facilities, wetlands and wooded areas.

The approved masterplan will be delivered initially through two planning applications that will be submitted at the same time. One is a hybrid planning application covering the north of the site, which seeks detailed planning permission for Phase One and outline planning permission for the remainder of the north of the site. The second planning application is an outline planning application covering the southern part of the site.

An outline planning permission establishes the principles and the parameters of future development. That future development would still then be subject to a further detailed planning application to agree the details such as the design of houses and landscaping.

Our proposals for the outline elements of the applications are in line with that approved Masterplan Document. This element of the applications is about providing further detailed technical evidence to support the Masterplan. It is the next step to delivering the exciting new vision for Mosley Common.

The masterplan document can be accessed on Wigan Council’s website or by clicking the image below.


The map below shows the masterplan area, with the proposed first phase highlighted in the north west of the site.

On the map above, Phase One will be a detailed planning application. Application Site One and Application Site Two will be Outline applications.

Phase One - Twire at Mosley Common

Introducing Twire at Mosley Common, the first phase of the development, which will be delivered by Northstone. This is the first step towards realising our exciting masterplan vision. As part of this phase, we are bringing forward proposals for 228 new, high quality homes, with 25% affordable.

The site for Twire is to the east of Mort Lane, north of Dewsbury Close. The access to the site will be from Mort Lane. Pedestrian and cycle links will also be created throughout the develop to encourage sustainable travel. 

The homes will be in a range of sizes, including 1 and 2 bed homes, for smaller households, 3, 4 and 5 bed homes for growing families and 6 bed multi-generational homes. Northstone prides itself on sustainability and all the new homes will include EV charging points and energy-efficient systems to significantly reduce your cost of living. 

In addition to new homes, the plans include extensive landscaping to deliver a boost to local biodiversity and a play area for local families to enjoy. High quality design is at the heart of our approach, and we know that it takes more than a new house to build a community. That is why public open space, landscaping, play space and protecting existing trees and hedgerows is central to our plans.

Affordable Housing

A key element of our plans is to incorporate affordable housing. That’s why our plans include 25% affordable homes, 57 new homes, that will be expertly designed by Northstone and will be in keeping with the style of other properties proposed on site.

The affordable homes are designed to cater for the whole community, with a mix of 1-bed to 4-bed homes, including a specially designed accessible home. You can find out more about that here.

This means the affordable homes will not just be for single people, but for families who want to be part of the community.

In total, the affordable housing element of Twire will include eight 1-bed properties, 24 2-bed properties, 22 3-bed properties and three 4-bed properties. The homes will be available under mixed tenures, with options for renting, shared-ownership and discounted purchase.


The landscaping strategy for this element of the wider masterplan will see an increase in biodiversity, links provided to a green walking network, protected trees and hedgerows and lots of community space.

More pedestrian and cycle links will be delivered throughout the site to encourage sustainable travel and promote access to green spaces within the masterplan. 

In addition, the plans also include a children’s play area and extensive landscaping. We know that you need more than a home to build a community and the setting and local environment is as important as the bricks and mortar.

New areas of public open space will be provided, these will be focused on a series of green corridors created by the existing hedgerow crossing the site and the gas easement (access for gas infrastructure) that runs diagonally north south through the site. A productive landscape will be developed, incorporating a wildflower meadow. Small fruit bushes including raspberries, blackberries and apples on frames will be planted and then larger fruit trees such as apples and plums planted beyond these. Numerous street trees will be integrated into the layout and public open spaces. Grass areas would be a mix of mown grass and longer meadow grasses where appropriate with further trees planted throughout the areas of public open space.

A playground is proposed at the centre of the site. The playground would provide a range of play experiences focussing on natural play using undulating shape of the land and timber equipment. Sustainable urban drainage solutions will provide landscape features and habitat creation opportunities. The public right of way along the southern boundary is integrated into the layout to connect into the green corridor as a key route through the site. An additional area of public open space is provided to the north east at Honksford Meadows. This would be a mown kickabout area with the perimeter allowed to develop by relaxed mowing into a meadow. A path would be provided to connect the spaces from the north east of the new homes.

Not only is the landscaping strategy for Twire robust in delivering benefits for the community, it also sits as part of a wider package of enhancements that will be brought forward as the rest of the masterplan is delivered with excellent access to central parkland. This is shown on the map below.


Twire at Mosley Common will be accessed from Mort Lane via a priority junction. With regards to Phase One, the analysis shows that there are some modest impacts on the A580 at the junction with Mosley Common Road.  Improvements to this junction are under consideration by the local highway authorities and it is expected that the proposals will contribute funding towards these works.  For the delivery of the wider masterplan, there will be a series of other mitigation schemes provided as part of the development to ease pressure on local roads. 

About Northstone

Northstone is bringing forward the first phase of the development, Twire at Mosley Common. You can learn more about Northstone, look at existing developments and in find more detail on our houses by visiting the Northstone website by clicking here.

The new, new build

Northstone is part of Peel L&P, and we’re passionate about our heritage in the North. We innovate, adapt and regenerate spaces and places. We create energy-efficient homes in community-focused spaces that shape the future of living. Northstone has challenged and elevated traditional property development principles in home building. Our award-winning designs have been informed by our vast experience and the ‘wish-list’ knowledge we’ve gained over the years from occupiers and homeowners.

One of our key commitments is to build affordable homes within our developments that are accommodating to a range of people at different stages of life. That is why we design homes for those starting their careers and for those wanting larger family homes, all within budget. We want to ensure more people can get on the property ladder and find a home suitable for their way of life.

Our homes provide open-plan, uncluttered spaces featuring clever storage solutions to maximise living areas. High ceilings and large floor to ceiling windows increase natural light for residents, while flexible living choices mean all properties can be adapted to respond to residents’ needs and requirements.

We design & build communities for better living

Our approach goes beyond just building new homes, we build new communities. Don’t take our word for it though, watch the video below to hear from a family who has decided to make a Northstone house their home.

Reducing Your Cost of Living

Northstone homes also exceed standard energy-efficiency requirements by providing household technology that is proven to lower energy bills.  These include energy-efficient windows and doors, heat-save technology, intelligent heating systems, waste-limiting building specifications and all of our homes will have EV charge points as well as fast charging hubs on site. In addition, the homes will use a pioneering intelligent home automation system, Wondrwall, a Showersave waste-water heat recovery system, triple glazing as standard and all homes will come with hyper-fast Grain broadband guaranteed from move-in day. 

Our homes will continue to exceed building standards energy efficiency requirements through the following features:

  • 327.5mm external walls to lock in heat
  • Insulated flooring
  • Increased loft insulation
  • Mechanical Ventilation and heat recovery technology
  • Solar panels
  • Battery storage
  • Smart cylinders
  • Wastewater heat recovery
  • Air source heat pump, with radiators for heating
  • Air tightness 

Jacob’s Place

At Northstone, we are incredibly proud of our commitment to accessibility. Not only is our approach the right thing to do, it’s very close to our hearts. As part of our plans for Twire at Mosley Common, we will include an affordable four-bedroom adapted house, specifically designed for those with disabilities or care-dependent family members.

The plans include an additional downstairs bedroom with adjoining shower room, as well as an open plan living and kitchen area with an accessible garden.

Our Jacob’s Place home will be part of the affordable housing provided at Twire.



A key part of our approach is to ensure that this new community is sustainable for the long term. That includes a focus on the environment and climate change, but also on ensuring those who live here can enjoy a high standard of living.

Air Quality

The Site is not located adjacent to any Air Quality Management Areas (AQMA). The main air quality constraint associated with the Site relates to traffic emissions from the surrounding road network (mainly the A580) and from the Wigan – Manchester rail line.

The public transport and accessibility strategy for the site will provide access to a range of sustainable transport. This will reduce reliance on the private car and the amount of traffic using the A580, which will help to protect air quality in the local area. The areas of development are also located at a substantial distance from the railway line such that air quality issues from this will not arise.

Landscape and Biodiversity

Habitat and species surveys have been carried out across the wider site. These conclude that the habitats of highest ecological value are those within the Honksford Brook corridor, including the broad-leaved semi-natural woodland.

The proposals for Phase One seek to retain and improve the habitats across the site, through the following:

  • Comprehensive landscape strategy across the site, with a green corridor running through the centre of the site providing a variety of plants and habitats to enhance the biodiversity value of the site.
  • A landscaped buffer along the northern boundary of the site will be provided comprising native hedgerow and tree planting to create a pleasing environment for future residents.
  • Existing vegetation will be retained where possible, in particular the hedgerow boundaries on the western part of the site and the existing hedgerow and ditch running east west across the site. A further new mixed native hedgerow with hedgerow trees will be added to the northern boundary to provide enclosure.


Noise surveys undertaken at the site conclude that there are no significant noise constraints. However, background noise is identified from sources including road traffic noise from the A5082 and the Guided Busway, activity noise from the Worsley Treatment works to the north and from the Wigan – Manchester rail line to the north.

The following mitigation measures will therefore be implemented to minimise any possible noise impact:

  • Appropriate buffer zones from the road and rail lines to the north
  • Dwelling-specific measures to reduce the impact of noise of nearby traffic within homes.
  • The location of less noise sensitive development adjacent to existing industrial land uses and travel routes.

Transport and Highways

Twire at Mosley Common, representing the first phase of development, is located to the North West of the overall masterplan area, which is shown on map here. The new homes at Twire will be accessed from a priority junction on Mort Lane as shown in the diagrams on the map below. Alongside the first phase improvements, you can see other junctions improvements proposed as part of the overall masterplan vision.

Mort Lane
Mort Lane
Mosley Common Road and A580
City Road

Newearth Road

Newearth Road Roundabout

Active travel is very important to our vision. Making the site accessible for pedestrians and cyclists is critical to delivering a sustainable development. As such, our plans include extensive new pedestrian and cycling connectivity throughout the site. Additionally, these cycle and pedestrian routes will also connect with public transport helping people make connected journeys without having to rely on a car. Furthermore, the wider masterplan will also deliver the new Busway Stop and Travel Hub within the heart of the Site as well as further on-site infrastructure to enable connecting bus services to and from the surrounding areas to provide wider public transport accessibility.

With respect to transport, the proposals will provide the following:

  • New Guided Busway Stop and Community and Travel Hub at the heart of the development connecting to community uses. We are also in discussions with Transport for Greater Manchester over additional bus provision
  • A network of Active Travel Routes providing permeability through the site and links to existing communities in the surrounding areas
  • Low design speed spine road through the site which prioritises pedestrian and cycle movement
  • Bus priority within the site for local service by way of a Bus Gate
  • Funding towards the A580/Mosley Common Road Improvement Scheme
  • Improvements to City Road
  • Improvements to the Ellenbrook Road/Newearth Road junction
  • Modification of the A580/Newearth Road junction

Scoping discussions to agree on the key components of the Transport Assessment are advanced.  Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM) is also providing input to the Transport Assessment specifically in respect of the evaluation of impacts on the A580 corridor and the provision of a new bus stop on the Leigh-Manchester Guided busway.

With regards to Twire, the analysis shows that there are some modest impacts on the A580 at the junction with Mosley Common Road.  Twire will contribute funding towards improvements at the A580/Mosley Common Road junction which are currently being considered by the local highway authorities of Wigan and Salford.  In addition to the funding towards the A580/Mosley Common Road improvement scheme and the delivery of public transport and Active Travel improvements, the development will also provide highway improvement schemes at City Road and the junction of Ellenbrook Road/Newearth Road, as well as modifications to the A580/Newearth Road junction.  Improvement to schemes at these locations are being tested to ensure the most suitable mitigation is provided as the development is built out.


Heritage and Archaeology

The Site does not contain any designated built heritage assets. There are three non-designated heritage assets within the site identified on the Greater Manchester Historic Environment Record (HER). These are Stone House, Turncroft Farm, Mill Brow and Platts Fold Farm. A further locally listed non-designated heritage asset (Burgess Farm) is located to 400m to the north east of the site. All the identified non-designated heritage assets within the site will be retained as part of the proposals. The masterplan for the wider site has been designed to respect the heritage assets.

Whilst the heritage significance of the above heritage assets will be affected by the scheme as a result of development within their setting, due to their low sensitivity as non-designated heritage assets and having considered their heritage significance and the contribution made by setting (including screening from existing buildings / vegetation), it is concluded these effects will not be significant and not represent a constraint to the proposals.

An Archaeological Impact Assessment has been undertaken which demonstrates that the Site has the potential for buried remains to be below-ground dating from the Roman period and the post-medieval and industrial period. We have done trial trenching to investigate a potential Roman Road across the site.

Ground Conditions

Detailed site investigations have been undertaken for Phase One to identify ground conditions and the local coal mining legacy. The Site has an undulating topography and gently slopes north to south. This does not represent a constraint to development.

The Site has been used primarily for agriculture therefore, it is not anticipated that there will be any significant pollutants. Detailed assessments of the ground conditions, the value of any minerals resource and to identify any previous mining operations will be undertaken prior to the submission of any future planning application.

A Coal Mining Risk Assessment has been undertaken which confirms the site is located in the zone of influence of past underground coal mining.  Additional ground investigations have been undertaken to confirm the geological and mining setting beneath the site. The results confirm there are no insurmountable constraints to the development of the site.


The Site is immediately adjacent to a long-standing developed area where a range of services are available. This will include water, gas and electricity mains, alongside telecommunications infrastructure. A number of power lines also cross the Site, providing power to existing dwellings and farms.

The development can therefore be easily connected to key utilities. Any upgrades required to accommodate new homes can be made alongside the delivery of the development.

Drainage and Flooding 

The masterplan site is almost entirely within Flood Zone 1 meaning the majority of the land has a low probability of flooding.

The surface water management strategy for Twire will manage surface water runoff disposal in accordance with drainage hierarchy and will utilise sustainable drainage systems (SuDS).

A drainage strategy has been developed for the wider site that will utilise SuDS. The aim of SuDS is to manage water quantity and water quality, contribute to the amenity of the landscape, and provide biodiversity. The use of SuDS features will complement the existing natural water features across the site, respecting the natural drainage pattern, and aims to manage and mitigate flood risk both on- and off-site. The drainage strategy will provide sufficient attenuation to restrict the runoff to greenfield rates while suitably managing runoff water quality.

This will be achieved through a mix of SuDS features as well as traditional piped drainage to provide peak runoff and volume control in accordance with national and local policy.

The strategy proposes to use a variety of SuDS features to manage runoff within the development. It is expected that conveyance features, such as swales and ditches, will be used to convey water to allow the lengths of drainage pipes to be minimised. The site will drain to attenuation storage features, such as basins and storage tanks, before discharging via outfalls, at controlled rates, to the receiving surface water bodies.

Virtual Exhibition


Thank you for taking the time to review our consultation materials. The consultation period closed on the 22nd November. We thank everyone who provided feedback.

If you have questions, you can still contact members of the team using the contact details below.

About Peel L&P - Realising Possibility

Operating across the UK for over 50 years, the family run, Peel Group and its regeneration arm Peel L&P have been fortunate to have had the opportunity to re-imagine some of the country’s historic assets.

We can be trusted to deliver, with a track record of transformative and exciting developments. We created MediaCity to bring the BBC to the North, started a trailblazing project to give homeless people their own front door at Manchester’s Embassy Village, and are helping to decarbonise industry and generate low carbon energy at Protos and through our Peel NRE business.  

Working with local partners, our nationwide Peel Waters schemes like Liverpool Waters and Wirral Waters are regenerating waterfront destinations into mixed-use sustainable communities, and our innovative homebuilder Northstone is building new energy-efficient family homes in suburban areas.

As part of The Peel Group, Peel L&P strives to make a positive impact on people’s lives and we are proud of our legacy. Promoting sustainable development is at the heart of what we do, and we take our responsibilities to the environment seriously. Our people are passionate about the communities we work in, and we value our close partnerships with local groups and charities.

By building homes and creating opportunities, including highly skilled jobs of the future, protecting and improving our open spaces, addressing the climate emergency and our energy needs, Peel L&P will continue to realise possibility and invest in communities for years to come. 

More information at or follow us on Twitter @PeelLandP and LinkedIn.

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